The Place Between What We Know and What We Believe / Sonoma County / Sculptural Installation 


This temporary installation “The Place Between What We Know and What We Believe” was an invitation to examine the way we look at our surrounding and how we think about entering buildings. By interrupting the visual cues of architecture, the sculpture forced the participants to engage with the place and the building in a new way. When I was asked to create a sculpture for a TedX event about place, I wanted to help people become present in the moment of their arrival at that particular place and time.  I studied people in public places and realized that the only way I was going to get anyone’s attention was to interfere with their preconceptions of the building. I chose to create a visual barrier in front of all the symbols and icons of architecture which we take for granted as we text our way to the door which we haven’t even looked to see if it’s there. Momentary, this “barrier” required them to look around, even if for only a moment, to register their surroundings and the place.